ROCK HILL, SC (November 18, 2019) —The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) continuously strives to advance the prosperity of our nation by addressing many of the challenges related to the production and consumption of our vital energy resources. In response to certain challenges, DOE has set forth a new energy conservation standard that will impact certain clean water pumps manufactured and sold in the U.S. effective January 27, 2020.

Implementation of the U.S. Energy Conservation Standard for Pumps targets a significant reduction in energy consumption among the pump products that fall within the standard’s scope.   By regulating pump efficiency, the DOE aims to reduce energy consumption from these products by twenty-five percent creating enhanced reliability in our nation’s energy system.

All regulated pumps manufactured on or after the effective date, January 27, 2020 must display a Pump Energy Index (PEI) rating.  This rating found on the nameplate of the pump reflects compliance with the standards established by the DOE.

EBARA Pumps Americas Corporation is prepared to meet the expectations of the DOE and pumps users and ensures that products in scope of this standard will be properly tested and labeled for sale, installation and use.

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