Projects Featuring EBARA Pumps

City of Southside, AL Selects EBARA Packaged Pump System for Emergency Lift Station Rehab!

The city of Southside, Alabama has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade.  Just as so many other municipalities face aging infrastructure challenges, Southside determined a need to upgrade and replace one of its main lift stations that had become troublesome and costly for many years.

Scope of Challenge
The traditional suction lift station located on Highway 77 is one of Southside’s main lift stations and had been in service since 1991. The station had experienced several problems over the last few years including multiple failures due to the age and strain on the system. As a result of these failures, the high costs for repairs and the encroaching seasonal inclement weather, the situation was quickly considered an emergency installation. A quick turnaround was very critical in order to meet the needs of the flows coming into the system and the system not being out of service for a very long time.

Watch the Video:

EBARA Pumps Americas Corporation is proud to have Romtec Utilities, Inc. as an OEM customer. Romtec designs and engineers complete site-specific pump stations. Below are several completed projects featuring EBARA pumps:

Tesoro Corporation – Oil/Water Separator Stormwater Pump Station

Sacramento Municipal Utility District – High Flow Stormwater Pumping

The new headquarters for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District needed this package pump station to handle high flows of stormwater. To handle the specified flow rate, large 60 HP EBARA submersible pumps were engineered in a triplex configuration. This configuration provides ample capabilities for the high flow, medium head conditions, but it also allows for pumping at the maximum allowable flow rate of the downstream system. This was done to ensure that flooding from stormwater would never be a problem at this facility. Read more…

Sacramento Municipal Utility District – Deep Well Sewer Lift Station

The newly constructed headquarters for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District purchased this package lift station to meet its medium sewage flow requirements. EBARA submersible solids-handling pumps in a duplex configuration were specified in a large, deep well because this facility represents one of the ten largest public utilities in the country. Read more…