Horizontal Split Case Pump

CB Series

The CB Series horizontal split case pumps are ideal for space saving applications due to their compact design.  With high efficiency impellers for energy savings, the CB can accommodate heads to 492 ft. and flows to 16,375 GPM.  The CB Series are suited for a wide array of applications, including water circulation, HVAC systems, and drainage.


  • Discharge Size: to 16 inches
  • Range of HP: to 1000HP, frame mounted
  • Capacity: to 16,375 GPM (60hz)
  • Head: to 492 Ft.
  • Liquid: clean water
  • Temperature: 32-176° F
  • Suction Size: to 20 inches

Key Features

  • High Efficiency Impeller for Energy Savings
  • Compact Design for Space Savings
  • Shielded Bearings for Reduced Maintenance


  • Public Utilities
    • Municipal water supply
    • Irrigation
    • Drainage
  • General Industrial Use
    • Water Supply
    • Process cooling and chilled water
    • Water circulation
    • Boiler feed water
  • Building Services
    • Water Supply
    • Air Conditioning