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EBARA Posted by: EBARA 3 years ago

Structure of Product

This paper introduces a new water supply unit launched in December, 2019. This next generation water supply unit, equipped with a PM motor having built-in inverter, was developed based on the concept of “eDYNAMiQ*1” by fusing the advanced original technologies that have been cultivated by Ebara’s standard pump business over many years. To develop the product, we visited many scenes and thoroughly interviewed various customers to create the product concept. We incorporated their demands into the product to the maximum by realizing overwhelming downsizing (industry’s smallest class 1.5 to 3.7 kW) and lightweight, and by improving installation flexibility while maintaining conventional energy saving, maintenance, and safety features. The product can provide every customer with optimization in various installation environments.

*1 “eDYNAMiQ,” stands for Eco (Ecology), Dynamic and Integrated Quality, was coined to evoke the features of our standard pump technology.